Posts in English

Here are some of the posts translated in English, mainly so-called “short research” (serbian/croatian/bosnian – kratka istraživanja). The numbers in front of the posts are related to the number associated with the post in the page СВЕ ОБЈАВЕ.

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6. Bad loans in banking sector (10.09.2018)

7. Banks’ capital ratio (12.09.2018)

8. Banks’ credit policy (14.09.2018)

9. The degree of credit policy expansiveness (16.09.2018)

10. The airport takeoff (18.09.2018)

12. 12 years later (22.09.2018)

13. State intervention (24.09.2018)

14. Euroasia in the Balkans (27.09.2018)

15. Enigma of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s inflation (30.09.2018)

16. The battle for credits (3.10.2018)

69.Trade openness of Armenia